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    Thomas Salzano is an avid hairstylist, traveler, photographer and blogger. It’s Thomas J Salzano's passion for blogging that lets him share his tips with the world. Be it about styling your hair for an occasion, tips to travel light or how to take amazing pictures, Salzano talks about it all through his blogs. Follow his blogs talking about his hobbies at https://thomassalzano.wordpress.com

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    Eating right food with proper physical activity is the correct formula for active lifestyle. Physical activity is good for health and also has countless benefits and makes your life even more enjoyable. Physical activity should be, first and foremost, a fun activity. And Thomas N Salzano, a famous hairstylist, photographer, traveler and a blogger says that, “use your physical activity time to relax, forget about work, focus on the present and change your mood”. Various benefits of an active lifestyle are as follows:

    • You will get into better shape
    • You will have better mental health
    • You will have more self-esteem

    It helps you prevent and control heart disease, diabetes and hypertension and many other sedentary lifestyle related health issues.
    Studies show that staying active improves the quality of your daily life. Thomas N Salzano says, “having an active lifestyle add years to your life and life to your years."



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